June 14 - June 25, 2021 online

Follow-up 3-day workshop in the first week of August 2021

This will be an intense research workshop together with professional development for graduate students, and postdocs. During the workshop participants will be expected to be available between 10am-6pm (US central time; there will be multiple breaks in the daily schedule to help limit Zoom fatigue). The workshop will take place online and so participants will need access to reliable high-speed internet, and technology to allow collaboration.

Faculty participants

  • Marge Bayer, University of Kansas

  • Steve Butler, Iowa State University

  • Dan Cranston, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Daniela Ferrero, Texas State

  • Paul Horn, University of Denver

  • Bernard Lidický, Iowa State University

  • Jeremy Martin, University of Kansas

  • Xavier Pérez Giménez, University of Nebraska

  • Florian Pfender, University of Colorado Denver

  • Puck Rombach, University of Vermont

  • Sheila Sundaram, Pierrepont School

  • Mei Yin, University of Denver

  • Shira Zerbib, Iowa State University

Postdoc participants

  • Mohsen Aliabadi, Iowa State University

  • Abdul Basit, Iowa State University

  • Natalie Behague, Ryerson University

Graduate student participants

  • Caroline Bang, Iowa State University

  • Stacie Baumann, Auburn University

  • Calum Buchanan, University of Vermont

  • Alexander Clifton, Emory University

  • Eric Culver, University of Colorado Denver

  • Mark Denker, University of Kansas

  • Jessica Dickson, Washington State University

  • Stoyan Dimitrov, University of Illinois Chicago

  • Gabriel Elvin, University of California Riverside

  • Derek Hanely, University of Kentucky

  • Marija Jelić Milutinović, University of Belgrade

  • Hudson LaFayette, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Xiaonan Liu, Georgia Tech

  • Kate Lorenzen, Iowa State University

  • Reem Mahmoud, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Connor Mattes, University of Colorado Denver

  • Daniel McGinnis, Iowa State University

  • Dane Miyata, University of Oregon

  • George Nasr, University of Nebraska

  • Jiaxi Nie, University of California San Diego

  • Jason O'Neill, University of California San Diego

  • Rachel Perrier, Washington State University

  • Rowan Rowlands, University of Washington

  • Abhinav Shantanam, Simon Fraser University

  • Alex Stevens, University of Denver

  • Andrés Vindas Meléndez, University of Kentucky

  • Matias von Bell, University of Kentucky

  • Alexandra Wesolek, Simon Fraser University

  • Lei Xue, University of Washington

  • Claire Zhang, Auburn University