July 27 - August 9, 2014 in Denver, CO

Co-Hosted by the University of Denver and CU Denver

Information about the problems discussed at the workshop are available in the Problem Garden; information about results that came out of this workshop are available in the Research Papers.

Faculty Participants

  • Michael Ferrara, University of Colorado Denver
  • Stephen Hartke, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Paul Horn, University of Denver
  • Bernard Lidický, Iowa State University
  • Ryan Martin, Iowa State University
  • Florian Pfender, University of Colorado Denver
  • Jamie Radcliffe, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Derrick Stolee, Iowa State University
  • Jason Williford, University of Wyoming
  • Michael Young, Iowa State University

Postdoc Participants

  • Sogol Jahanbekam, University of Colorado Denver
  • Franklin Kenter, Rice University
  • Theo Molla, University of Illinois
  • John Sinkovic, Georgia State University

Graduate Student Participants

  • Sinan Aksoy, University of California San Diego
  • Sarah Behrens, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Zhanar Berikkyzy, Iowa State University
  • Edward Boehnlein, University of South Carolina
  • Axel Brandt, University of Colorado Denver
  • Hayoung Choi, University of Wyoming
  • Chris Cox, Iowa State University
  • Phil DeOrsey, University of Colorado Denver
  • Jessica Desilva, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Jennifer Diemunsch, University of Colorado Denver
  • Nathan Graber, University of Colorado Denver
  • Kirsten Hogenson, Iowa State University
  • Bill Kay, Emory University
  • Lucas Kramer, Iowa State University
  • Victor Larsen, Emory University
  • Tom Mahoney, University of Illinois
  • Keivan Monfared, University of Wyoming
  • Lauren Morey, University of Denver
  • Sarah Mousley, University of Illinois
  • Luke Nelsen, University of Colorado Denver
  • Katy Nowak, Iowa State University
  • Ben Reiniger, University of Illinois
  • Troy Retter, Emory University
  • Danny Rorabaugh, University of South Carolina
  • Devon Sigler, University of Colorado Denver
  • Heather Smith, University of South Carolina
  • Charlie Suer, University of Louisville
  • Eric Sullivan, University of Colorado Denver
  • Shuying Sun, University of Deleware
  • Michael Tait, University of California San Diego
  • Josh Tobin, University of California San Diego
  • Charles Tomlinson, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Generous support provided by the National Science Foundation and the organizing institutions.