July 9 - July 22, 2017 in Denver, CO

Co-Hosted by the University of Denver and CU Denver

Information about the problems discussed at the workshop are available in the Problem Garden; information about results that came out of this workshop are available in the Research Papers.

Faculty Participants

  • Michael Ferrara, University of Colorado Denver
  • Daniela Ferrero, Texas State University
  • Stephen Hartke, University of Colorado Denver
  • Leslie Hogben, Iowa State University
  • Paul Horn, University of Denver
  • Bernard LidickĂ˝, Iowa State University
  • Ryan Martin, Iowa State University
  • Tyrrell McAllister, University of Wyoming
  • Florian Pfender, University of Colorado Denver
  • Jamie Radcliffe, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Postdoc Participants

  • Erich Bucher, Michigan State University
  • Dan Johnston, University of Montana
  • Heather Smith, Georgia Tech
  • Mike Tait, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Casey Tompkins, Central European University
  • Andrew Uzzell, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Graduate Student Participants

  • Shuliang Bai, University of South Carolina
  • Kirk Boyer, University of Denver
  • Jane Breen, University of Manitoba
  • Boris Brimkov, Rice University
  • Charles Burnette, Drexel University
  • Josh Carlson, Iowa State University
  • Da Qi Chen, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Joseph Doolittle, University of Kansas
  • Ken Duna, University of Kansas
  • Sean English, Western Michigan University
  • Nathan Graber, University of Colorado Denver
  • Guangming Jing, Georgia State University
  • Ariel Keller, Emory University
  • Jinha Kim, Seoul National University
  • Minki Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Westin King, Texas A&M
  • Rachel Kirsch, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Juergen Kritschgau, Iowa State University
  • Sarah Loeb, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Tomas Masarik, Charles University
  • JD Nir, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Alex Neal Riasanovsky, Iowa State University
  • Katherine Perry, Auburn University
  • Michael Phillips, University of Colorado Denver
  • Adam Purcilly, University of Denver
  • Carolyn Reinhart, Iowa State University
  • Alex Schulte, Iowa State University
  • Warren Shull, Emory University
  • Eric Sullivan, University of Colorado Denver
  • Zhiyu Wang, University of South Carolina
  • Enzo Wendler, Washington State University
  • Rupei Xu, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Derek Young, Iowa State University
  • Xiaowei Yu, Shandong University/Vanderbilt
  • Hanlin Zou, University of Delaware

Generous support provided by the National Science Foundation, the Combinatorics Foundation, the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, the International Linear Algebra Society, and the organizing institutions.