June 17 - June 28, 2019 in Lawrence, KS

Hosted by University of Kansas

Information about the problems discussed at the workshop are available in the Problem Garden; information about results that came out of this workshop are available in the Research Papers.

Faculty participants

  • Margaret Bayer, University of Kansas

  • Ilkyoo Choi, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)

  • Mike Ferrara, University of Colorado Denver

  • Paul Horn, University of Denver

  • Jeremy Martin, University of Kansas

  • Tyrrell McAllister, University of Wyoming

  • Xavier Perez-Gimenez, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Flo Pfender, University of Colorado Denver

  • Puck Rombach, University of Vermont

  • Sung-Yell Song, Iowa State University

  • Zixia Song, University of Central Florida

  • Mei Yin, University of Denver

  • Martha Yip, University of Kentucky

Postdoc participants

  • Jane Breen, Iowa State University

  • Federico Castillo, University of Kansas

  • Sean English, Ryerson University

  • Bennet Goeckner, University of Washington

  • McCabe Olsen, Ohio State University

  • Katherine Perry, University of Denver

Graduate student participants

  • Joshua Carlson, Iowa State University

  • Emma Christensen, University of Kansas

  • Cassie Christenson, UIUC

  • Felix Clemen, UIUC

  • Eric Culver, University of Colorado Denver

  • Ryan DeMuse, University of Denver

  • Bradley Elliot, Emory University

  • Carrie Frizzell, Kansas State University

  • Melissa Fuentes, University of Delaware

  • Su Ji Hong, University of Nebraska Lincoln

  • Kevin Long, George Washington University

  • Fuhong Ma, UIUC / Shandong University

  • Calum MacRury, University of Toronto

  • Tomas Masarik, Charles University

  • Connor Mattes, University of Colorado Denver

  • Grace McCourt, Miami University (Ohio)

  • Erin Meger, Ryerson University

  • Joshua Miller, Kansas State University

  • Kyle Murphy, Iowa State University

  • Andrew Owens, Auburn University

  • Leilani Pai, University of Nebraska Lincoln

  • Michael Phillips, University of Colorado Denver

  • Casey Pinckney, Colorado State University

  • Josiah Reiswig, University of South Carolina

  • Alex Neal Riasanovsky, Iowa State University

  • Mike Ross, Iowa State University

  • Inne Singgih, University of South Carolina

  • Masoumeh Soleimani, Wesleyan University

  • Sam Spiro, UC San Diego

  • Ted Tranel, Iowa State University

  • Julianne Vega, University of Kentucky

  • Ralihe Raul Villagran Olivas, Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del I. P. N.

  • Adam Volk, University of Nebraska Lincoln

  • Cedar Wiseman, University of Wyoming

  • Donglei Yang, Gerogia Tech / Shandong University

  • Li Ying, Texas A&M

  • Semin Yoo, University of Rochester

  • Guangyi Yue, MIT

  • Fangfang Zhang, University of Central Florida / Nanjing University

  • Xiaohong Zhang, University of Manitoba

Generous support provided by the National Security Agency, the National Science Foundation, the Combinatorics Foundation, and the organizing institutions.